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10 Best Red Nail Polish

Red Nail Polish

Red was previously considered a daring color, and few women dared to include it into their vanities. 

The times have changed, and you can now see virtually everyone with red lips and nails. 

When applied in the perfect shade for your skin tone, the red polish can make a bold impression. 

Dusky complexion tones may wear deeper reds, whereas fair to medium skin tones can wear reds with orange undertones. 

Red nail paint appears to be very sophisticated and stylish, and gives you the best red nail designs that you are going to love for sure!

The most excellent part is that you can wear it in any style and color of clothes. Check out the 10 most beautiful red nail paints on the market right now!

Top 10 Red Nail Polish Of 2022

Before we dive into this list, let us tell you that all the red nail polishes here have a varied price range. You can buy the one that suits your budget the most. So, without further ado, let’s get started on the list.

1: OPI Red Nail Polish

All you need is brilliant, beautiful, delectable red nail paint in your vanity. 

The OPI red nail polish will give you the courage to flaunt your hands and create a big style statement. 

The hue of this hallmark O.P.I formula is more cherry red.

This nail polish may be worn for up to 7 days without fading. Combine two coats of this recipe with any of your favorite outfits.


2: Revlon 680 Ferrari Red Nail Polish

Revlon Nail Enamel’s Ferrari red nail polish boasts a Chip-Defiant Formula that gives a wonderfully smooth color. You can also make rose nail designs with this nail paint. 

This recipe, along with anti-fade technology, this recipe allows the nail polish to last an extended period. 

It contains no formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, toluene, formaldehyde resin, or camphor. 

The color leans closer toward coral and is ideal for those who do not like acidic red tones.


3: Sally Hansen Dark Red Nail Polish

There’s nothing like dark red nail polish to give you a boost of confidence. 

If you’re seeking an iconic, strong red color for your nails, the unique formula of Sally Hansen’s Red-since is here to help. 

This gorgeous red hue adds brilliance to your look, and its formula is combined with argan oil, which delivers an instant moisturizing effect.

On top of that, this red nail polish also keeps your nails healthy.


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4: Essie Blood Red Nail Polish

This blood-red nail polish is ideal for persons with warm or olive complexion tones. 

This gleaming staple red nail polish has no DBP, toluene, or formaldehyde. 

It is long-lasting and provides excellent, faultless coverage. 

Apply two layers of this paint to your nails, followed by a topcoat, for a wonderfully lustrous and chip-free manicure appearance.


5: Colorbar Red Orange Nail Polish

There’s no way you can go wrong with Colorbar’s red orange nail polish

It’s a bright, crisp, accurate medium red with a glossy, creamy finish. 

Its opulent composition provides the ideal combination of color saturation and moisture. 

This red nail polish has a 10-free recipe and lasts a long time.


6: Beromt Red Glitter Nail Polish

This lovely Christmas red nail polish provides opaque coverage with a single stroke. 

The polish is long-lasting and does not discolor or chip. In addition, its formula dries rapidly, giving you beautiful nails on the go. 

This red glitter nail polish encourages healthy nail development and contains no chemicals. 

Its silky, non-thickening consistency provides the desired strong red hue.


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7: Lakme Neon Red Nail Polish

This neon red nail polish is a lovely neutral red tone. 

Its dual-patented solution with ten active components both beautifies and protects your nails. 

This watermelon red hue isn’t too thick and has a nice, summery feel about it.

The formula is opaque and creamy, and it applies smoothly without flaking. In addition, the brush is smooth and full, making the application more straightforward. 


8: Verymiss Matte Red Nail Polish

This matte red nail polish provides complete coverage. In addition, its color does not fade over time. As a result, it lasts a long time and looks well on all skin tones.

To achieve that spectacularly gorgeous manicure appearance, apply two thin coats of this color. 

It has a rich composition that you will fall in love with as soon as you put it on your nails. 

The Shade-Lock Technology provides maximum coverage and high impact color while locking it in for ultra-long wear. In addition, this red nail polish contains an 8-free formula, making it suitable for everyday use.


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9: Christian Dior Glossy Red Nail Polish

With sheer elegance, show off this vivid and brilliant red polish nail bar from Christian Dior. 

This gel-effect nail polish features a sophisticated formula that is highly pigmented and delivers a flawless finish with one stroke. 

Rouge is flattering for all skin tones and gives your nails a glass-like gloss.

This deep, velvety color of stunning red nail polish flatters all skin tones.


10: Christian Louboutin Red Nail Polish

Rouge Louboutin is a classic and bright red nail polish. 

This nail polish complements every skin tone. This distinctive red color may also be worn with your Red Bottoms. 

It has a highly pigmented composition that is chip-resistant and devoid of toluene, DBP, and formaldehyde. 

With this traditional red nail polish, you may get the beautiful, sparkling look you’ve always desired. Its applicator ensures a flawless finish.


To Conclude…

This article has mentioned all the red nail polish that is trending in 2022. If you find these shades appealing enough, buy them right now.

Some of them might become unavailable, but they will come back on Amazon again. So, stay tuned and buy these fabulous shades. 

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