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One of the most popular nail shapes is the almond nails design. 

This is due to the delicately tapering finish, which is exceptionally appealing and gives every finger shape a feminine, sensual, and elegant appearance. 

There are also a plethora of decorations to choose from, including confetti, velvet, jewelry embellishments, and holographic. 

After all, the finest nail art is the one that makes you happy. So keep scrolling this article, and find out the best almond nails ideas for 2022.

What Are The Top 10 Almond Nails Designs Of 2022?

Almond nails don’t only look good, but they are even easier to manage than sharper stiletto nails or the trendy bedazzled nails, and they make your nails look smaller. 

Even better, they provide a perfect canvas for a broad range of nail colors, patterns, and designs. 

So, if you want to add a new edge to your nails, almond acrylic nails are the right way to do that.

1: Marble Almond Nails

Marble is one of the most popular nail trends, and if you paint the design on your almond shaped nails, it will look even more gorgeous. 

These almond shape nails provide your fingers a sophisticated, modest, and creative touch– and it even stands out in the crowd. 

Because the pattern works well with various colors, you may use a marble pattern as a highlight nail on one or two fingers. 

Try a complete marble design on your short almond nails if you’re feeling very daring.

2: Holographic Almond Nails

Modern women and holographic nail polish go parallel. 

The paint also moves and shimmers, constantly changing as you move your hands. 

With a holographic topcoat, you can transform practically any regular polish into a show-stopping manicure. 

These almond nail designs also provide a broader canvas to capture the light. 

Hence, almond nails are an excellent choice for displaying your personality’s eccentric and aesthetic side.

3: Glitter Almond Nails

Glitter is always in trend, especially when creating a stylish manicure for party season. 

Almond nails are a terrific way to show off your glitter, whether you like a delicate iridescent pattern or a curvier appearance.

Remember that most nail artists will enclose the shimmer while making the acrylics, so you’ll have to be patient until he says your nails are ready. 

Metallic nails are popular, and pouring glitter offers a unique twist on the trend. 

The glittering droplets create an incredible contrast over a solid foundation hue. Thus, you can make it seem unique by using a colorful foundation color of your choosing.

4: Black Almond Nails

If The Little Black Dress is a must-have in all women’s wardrobes, the black almond nails are the perfect accessory to accompany an LBD.

This is because black polish attracts the eye along with the fingers and highlights the pointed stature of your long almond nails. 

It’s also a flexible choice. When paired with delicate jewelry, the result is stylish and beautiful. 

However, when mixed with athleisure or a more rock’n’roll fashion vibe, it will look simply edgy and stylish.

5: Multicolor Almond Nails

Does it ever happen to you when you can’t settle on a nail polish color and get disheartened? 

Well, don’t worry. You can always go for a multicolor manicure. 

Keep the color palette consistent by using hues from the same color family, such as pastels. 

You might also experiment with a slope or continuum effect. One popular variation of that style is pastel hues that emulate the sunset’s colors.

These almond acrylic nails have long been in style, and they won’t go out of fashion anytime soon.

6: Pastel Almond Nails

If you are daydreaming about the summer breeze, almond shape nail designs with a pastel color scheme are a great choice. 

A slight demi-matte sheen will make your fingers appear like candy, while an ultra-glossy shine will make them look more beautiful. 

You might also experiment with different colors to make the pastel designs look prettier. 

These gentle and lovely colors look great on all skin tones, but they stand out even more against dark complexions.

7: Geometric Almond Nails

One of the finest ways to display your long almond nails is to design them with a geometric pattern. 

There will be ample room to apply contrasting shapes, colors, and angles to call attention to your fingernail. 

To make the crisp designs stand out, choose two strongly contrasting hues, such as black and nude.

These trendy almond nail designs are the new showstopper in the manicure industry, and before they go out of fashion, you must try them once.

8: Swirly Almond Nails

Sometimes the simplest nail art is the most effective. 

Swirl nail patterns are everywhere, from social media to runway events, and it’s easy to see why. 

They’re elegant, fashionable, and look attractive no matter if you have long almond nails or short ones. 

The best part of the swirly almond nails designs is that you can easily do it at home without spending a single penny in a salon.

9: French Tip Almond Nails

The cornerstone of a typical French manicure is a naked baseline with a clean edge. 

Try the same combo on almond nails with a more gradual change from nude to white for a more contemporary look. 

The lighter tips will attract attention to the sensual and elegant design, while the pale pink base will make them look longer.

These trendy almond nail designs will never go out of style. So, apply them right now as you want.

10: Floral Almond Nails

Fashion trends always come full circle. 

This is why you can create groovy, bold flower patterns from the 1970s on your short almond nails, and they’ll appear like a trendy throwback. 

If not flowers, you can also create leaves on your almond acrylic nails, and they will provide a stunning, elegant aesthetic on your fingers. 

When the seasons change, choose a strong foundation color like burgundy or black when the seasons change to give the floral design an autumn twist.


These almond-shaped nails designs are going to rock 2022, and we don’t want you to fall behind this trend.

If you want your fingernails to look gorgeous before attending the next party your friend is throwing, apply these almond nail designs right away.

For further questions, ping us in the comment section, and we will get back to you ASAP. 

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