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If you’re seeking ideas for bts nail ideas, you have come to the right place. So now we’re going to show you some stunning and incredible BTS Nails. First and first, we want to express our gratitude to all the designers that came up with these various and exquisite patterns.

They deserve all the credit for BTS Nails, and we are incredibly appreciative to them for giving me the chance to present BTS Nail Art Designs. We hope you appreciate it and we’re happy to share it with you all.

Top 10 BTS Nail Ideas

Although each member of BTS has a favorite hue or two, the bandmates and their army have a special connection to the color purple. BTS member V was the one who initially brought up the significance of the color by explaining why it is so important to supporters.

1: BTS Logo

No matter your degree of nail art expertise, anyone can actually complete the last one because it is the simplest. For bts nail ideas, the ARMY is the BTS fanbase, which is made up of a wide variety of people from all over the world.

When they are not discussing their favorite idols, you can find them posting about their most recent BTS accomplishments on Twitter. You can simply write the BTS LOGO on your black fingernails in white, and that will be it. 

2: Monochromatic black nails

Up until the second generation, when the South Korean pop music industry started to change, the monochromatic, coordinated trend persisted. And, to be honest, the majority of K-pop idols still have this standard, coordinated appearance.

Lest you believe that BTS fashion is all about pastel hues or bright colors, the second generation of K-pop superstars, including BTS, actually prefers all-black ensembles. So, if you’re looking for bts nail ideas, painting your nails in monochrome black would be great.

3: Fallen angel

This design was influenced by the ‘Blood Sweat and Tears’ music video by the hugely successful K-Pop group; BTS. We particularly enjoyed the portions with the black and dark pink backgrounds in the film.

A fallen angel with black wings that appeared to be so stunning and inspiring was also present. We made the decision to go with a dark pink color scheme and sporadic black feathers. It didn’t look like a real human portrait at all, but rather like a character from Japanese animation.

4: Hearts

Third-generation South Korean pop idol group BTS could not be stopped after the South Korean pop music industry went global. They are possibly the most well-known boy group and female group in K-Pop nowadays.

During the same period, The Finger Hearts, another South Korean export, started to gain popularity. Just cross your thumb and index finger, and there you have it! You just formed a small finger heart, which is the stance that K-pop stars choose to do while taking pictures.

5: BTS Army

We’re always startled by bts nail ideas. You can see the outcome since the BTS army is extremely talented. It appears lovely, and we genuinely adore nail art. We are overjoyed to identify as a BTS Army member.

This nail art is very cute and easy, and we really like it. This is what we refer to as ARMY love. We really like this one because it proves that we’re in the army. So, we hope you enjoy this one as well.

6: ‘ON’ 

Okay, some of the songs on the BTS album stayed in our heads more than others, but that always happens when we listen to an album all at once. But since listening to the album while frantically packing was a horrible idea, ‘ON’ is one of the best bts nail ideas.

And that’s why we’re going to download the entire thing so we can truly enjoy it when traveling on vacation. Though we’ll be painting my cousin’s nails when we get home, so perhaps we could share that.

7: Vintage nails

Seo Taiji and Boys are credited as being the first Korean music idols, which is thought to have occurred around 1992. However, BTS has overshadowed their popularity and that’s why we like to express our shout-outs to the bts nail ideas.

The vibrant rainbow colors that are now associated with K-Pop style and clothing are seen even from back then. It’s a classic that you should use as inspiration for your subsequent dip manicure session.

8: ‘Not Today’

To start, paint a base coat over each nail and allow it to dry. Then, paint the index and little fingers a light grey color, and the other three fingers a milky or white color. 

The following step will involve drawing a warning tape. We require a thin sticky tape for the nail design for this. The index and little fingernails should be formed into a “net” in the middle. Fill each cell one by one as precisely as you can with black using a fine brush. After thoroughly drying the nails, take off the stripes of diagonal tape.

9: Butter nails

Do you guys remember our post about BUTTER shirts? Who says we’re going to end there? It’s not great since it took us a lot of time to create these bts nail ideas that were inspired by butter nails.

The tutorial for BTS’s BUTTER-inspired nail art is easy to follow. We discovered the ideal shade for the base in Cathy Kathy shade 13 nail polish. We used a gel polish underneath so that we wouldn’t have to wait before drawing on top of it.

10: ‘Spring Day’

The pictures of Spring Day Inspired Nail Art are only for lovely demonstration purposes; if you like the content, you should get the original version.

You could always make these bts nail ideas by purchasing the original text for Spring Day Inspired Nail Art Army’s Amino so that they can provide the best result at your fingertips. Painting some quotes of the song on your nails can also be a good idea if you’re not okay with just painting the song’s mood. 

Putting it all together

In reality, you must understand BTS Army in order to understand why it is so well-known. This seven-membered Korean ensemble shot to fame and international shock after taking home the Top Social Artists honor at the Billboard Music Awards.

They won many accolades and outperformed many other performers. Because of his name, a lot of people adore them and show it in a variety of ways, among which bts nail ideas are one of the best.

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