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Cow Print Nails Designs To Try This Year

Cow Print Nails

Since Ariana Grande and Kendall Jenner introduced cow print nails in 2019, they’ve been on everyone’s fingernails.

At first, cow print nails may have appeared to be a fad, but we can officially affirm that they are here to stay in 2022. 

Cow print nails are fairly straightforward to DIY at home with the correct nail art kit. All you have to do is get a set of affordable stick-on nails from Amazon or other online merchants is the easiest way to test this trend. 

We’ve compiled a list of our top cow nail designs, including fashionable cow print nails, so without further ado, let’s check them out. 

Top 10 Cow Print Nails Of 2022

All nail shapes look amazing with cow print nails. This pattern will look excellent on you, whether you have almond-shaped artificial nails or coffin nails. If you’re seeking cow design nails, I’m confident you’ll discover something lovely to show your nail technician.

1: Cow Print Nails Tips

Are you considering putting your cow print on your fingernail tips?

A solid white color is paired with a black-spotted motif in this style. 

As you can see, the patterned design appears on the top of certain nails, while it appears on the base of others. What a creative and fun style, right? 

With a long almond shape and traditional black and white cow nails just on your tips, you’ll be ready to go in style. 

2: Cow Print Nails Coral

Who knew coral nail polish could make such cute cow print nails? 

These nails look stunning, and they would look great on anyone. 

This basic cow pattern design looks excellent with coral nail polish. These nails are ideal for the summer as well as the fall. 

We recommend using a highly opaque white and heavily saturated actual coral nail polish to achieve the perfect traditional cow pattern.

3: Half Cow Half Pink Nails

These aesthetic cow print nails have a whimsical half-and-half design, some soft pink nails colors, and others with a cow print pattern. 

If you’re searching for the perfect nail design to use as inspiration for your next outfit, I think you’ll like this one. 

With the sharp contrast of deep black half cow print and half pink nails, you can ace two trends in one. 

To begin, apply two base layers to the nails. Then, after your black polish has dried, drag it down your nail. 

4: Cow Print Nails In Black And Gold

The gold and black design on cow nails design here are stunning. 

If you genuinely like this appearance, you might have the design go all the way over your nail. 

You’ll adore these cow print nails if you like a style with bright colors and distinctive designs. 

Glitter your nails to make them stand out even more. Then, use a nail brush and a toothpick to make the cow print shape.

5: Blue Cow Print Nails

It’s not necessary to have black and white cow print nail ideas. 

In fact, one nail artist gave the pattern a unique spin by painting it with a blue nail polish, which I think is adorable. 

Now, while we’re on the subject of pastel blue, no law says the cow print must be black and white, which is why you should give it a shot. 

Yessenia of Vanity Projects in Miami and Megan Harrison in England have created colorful renditions with this aesthetic.

6: Cow Print Nails With Rhinestones

Add rhinestones and glitter on stiletto nails. to make a statement. 

With this lovely pair of cow print nail designs, you’re sure to attract compliments. 

This colorful and imaginative cow print pattern will make you stand out.

The addition of different types of rhinestones on each fingernail is even more fantastic, and they make those cow print nails look amazing.

7: Matte Cow Print Nails

Ariana Grande took a black and white selfie on Instagram earlier this year, and all we could think about was her thumb’s nail. 

Those squared short cow nails were terrific! 

Then, all of a sudden, it was an Instagram sensation. 

Consider using a matte finish for your next cowprint nails. This design would look great on any length or shape of the nail, but coffin nails were primarily used to create this effect.

8: Cow Print Nails With Other Animal Prints

If you want your cow nails coffin, there’s another style to look for.

Cow prints, zebra prints, and other animal prints can all be collaborated.

Choose between a separate design for each nail or a single animal print for all of your nails. 

So, there’s a new animal print in town, and it’s not just a cow because these combination animal print nails are Instagram’s latest infatuation. After seeing the fantastic photos of everyone’s flawlessly manicured nails, you’ll want to jump on board as well!

9: Pastel Cow Print Nails

These acrylic cow print nails are imaginative and fun. 

The solid color nails are a great accent, and even if you wear a dull outfit, your nails will speak volumes of your fun personality. 

This design would also be appropriate for the fall season, in my opinion. 

I adore how the cow print nails pattern on the index finger has a slight twist. Some of the specks are black, while others are brightly colored pastel.

10: Brown Cow Print Nails

If you want your nails cow printed, you must consider making your cow print a different color.

The design on these nails is a beautiful brown cow print. 

Bring in solid colors and do it on a translucent basis instead of a white one to make the work more pleasurable. You can also use a different color of brown shade than this one.

Brown cow nails are also realistic, just like the black ones, so you are not doing anything too fictional here if that’s what you are worried about. So, give these a shot!!!

Closing Thoughts

With the cow print nails trend, some choose strong prints on each finger or colored tips, while others go for a more subtle approach and wear the style on a single accent nail. 

The most excellent part about cow print is that it is basic yet amusing, and it can be customized to meet any mood. 

With one of the ten cow print trends listed above, you can make the look your own no matter how you duplicate it.

So, if you want to know more about them, ping us below in the comment section.

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