Halloween Nail Ideas

This year’s Halloween may still seem a little off for reasons you can probably already guess. But that’s no justification for slacking off on your Halloween nail ideas.

The good news is that there is a tonne of nail artists on Instagram who is equally excited about the spooky magic of October 31. Some of them serve spider-webbed French tips, and chic orange-and-black designs, while others provide oozing blood drips to the scariest serial killers from popular culture.

Top 11 Halloween Nail Ideas

You can always take a break from the monotony of regular life and spice up your fashion game with some really cool Halloween makeup ideas. Even if you’re missing Halloween makeup, you can always find the best Halloween nail ideas right here right now.

1: Orange & Black

Halloween manicures in shades of orange and black are always appropriate, but exquisite artwork, like those created by professional nail artists, can give the hues so much more individuality.

Since orange pumpkins and black witch robes are stapled Halloween accessories, this manicure will look perfect as a Halloween nail idea. A matte black and white witchy illustration with a serpent, a moon, and potions tops off the immaculate orange ombré. It seems less eerie and more lovely because of the little dots and stars.

2: Neon on Black

This incredibly long, sharp manicure definitely captures the gothic spirit of Halloween with its metallic purple to black ombré. However, if you want to take your Halloween nail ideas a step further with neon-green designs, paint neon on black.

Against the gloomy foundation hue, fluorescent moons, spiderwebs, snakes, smile drips, and many more stand out with stunning contrast.

3: Ghost nails

The glow-in-the-dark ghost appearance is more adorable than frightful. To achieve this look, you could use the glow pigment discussed before, or you could find some amusing glowing ghost stickers for a like effect.

Any black polish you have in your collection can be used as long as the stickers are applied on top. These almond-shaped nails have a silvery, glittery, holographic base that is topped with cute smiley-faced bat, ghost, and heart designs in the colors black, orange, white, and green.

4: Glow in the dark bats

With its built-in black splodges, these tipped Halloween nail ideas have an amazing illuminator hue in broad daylight. But when the lights go off, it really sparkles because the dip-powder hue, Bat Symbol glows.

With the addition of tiny black bat patterns to an accent nail, they feel particularly Halloween-appropriate, providing the ideal lighting for navigating eerie haunted houses.

5: Spiderweb nails

Why not join forces with another popular Halloween theme, spiderwebs, as French-tipped manicures have been in style for the entirety of 2020, to create something equally frightening and fashionable? Through the use of color-changing purple and gunmetal grey base hues, nail artists raise the creep factor.

Halloween’s customary use of vivid oranges, purples, and greens may be too lively for true goths. By keeping things dark with spiderwebs poking out at the cuticle and a cute black cat accent thumbnail, this straightforward all-black design of Halloween nail ideas keeps things gloomy.

6: Skull nails

A color gradient is used to produce a particular style of manicure known as skull nails. The top of the nail starts off bright and gradually turns darker as it approaches the tip. Skull nail art appears awful and spooky, strange and adorable, and cool.

Intricate skulls are painted on bare nails in this really cool manicure, which is both basic and highly detailed. Nail artists painted the off-white heads, which were painted at various angles, to give them a drawn appearance using a gold gloss.

7: Bloody Red

Long, pointed nails may resemble weapons, and these Halloween nail ideas appear to have been applied in precisely that manner. We see many nail artists have used the Siren shade to produce the slightly opaque, blood-dripping tips that give the impression that someone has recently been stabbed.

Even though we weren’t expecting to flay anyone with our manicure today, you can also add innocence with the sheer pink base instead of making it bloody red.

8: Duo Chrome

In all honesty, ravens and gloomy trees don’t show up in Halloween manicures nearly enough. The background of this scary nail art features a varnish that alternates between orange and olive green and depicts bats and birds hanging from hand-painted branches.

Although she doesn’t specify whether she used stickers or created the designs by hand, using some spooky nail appliques like these can’t harm you if you’re a beginner.

9: Coffin nails

Coffin nails, to be precise, are one of the best Halloween nail ideas. Apply matte black nail paint after carefully shaping your nails with a nail file. Add gold highlights and lines after the polish has dried.

Add a clear top coat to complete. Try this simple coffin nail manicure for stylish and understated Halloween nails. It will appear fitting for the holiday as well as for the beginning of November.

10: Glitter Ombre

Even the classic orange and black Halloween color scheme don’t have to look garish in a manicure. By using dip powder in Nebula, Salmon, and Onyx, respectively, nail professionals achieved the smoothest transition effect by painting the pinky black and the ring finger with metallic grey glitter. This subtle tint continues throughout the remainder of the manicure for colorful but understated Halloween nail ideas.

11: Fangs nails

Start by alternately painting each finger with white and red nail polish. Draw the contour of an oval on your red nails using a fine black striper brush. Apply black nail paint to the oval’s interior.

Paint a white triangle, two white squares, and another white triangle beginning at the end of one of your black ovals. Fill in all of the “mouths” by doing the same thing with your other fingers. With a tiny dotter and a glittering red color, add blood droplets to the tips of your teeth. 


Utilize the nearly limitless options for nail art and pick a complex pattern that blends vintage patterns or something extremely spooky. Do you desire something a little more subtle?

In that scenario, concentrate on nail-related ideas and choose something with a cool Halloween-themed color scheme. The best part is that many of these Halloween nail ideas are simple to DIY, especially with a little assistance from fall nail stickers and press-ons. 

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