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Best Medium Square Nails Designs To Try 

medium square nails

Let’s be clear about something: I’ve never got that into my nails. 

I had been so used to filing my nails into the same dull round shape that I had forgotten there were other possibilities until recently.

It wasn’t until I had a manicure last week and my stylist recommended that I try a square design that I understood how a nail design could change my personality. 

Like, my nails looked cool all of a sudden? Is it also deliberate? And it’s not the same as a sixth-grader’s? 

I’ve been on a square-nail beat ever then, as evidenced by my Instagram-saved collection. So get ready to screenshot the coolest, prettiest manicure ideas and designs to compliment square nails.

Best Medium Square Nails Of 2022

We understand that not all of you have the patience or ability to manage the long stiletto nails. In addition, some of you may get bored of their natural almond nails, which is why medium square nails are making a comeback in the manicure industry. 

Find the best medium square nails designs of 2022 here: 

1: Rainbow Medium Square Nails

This season is perfect for dressing in bright tropical tones.

Make a pastel party on trendy medium-length, square acrylic nails with pinks, yellows, and baby blues, and create a rainbow effect.

When summer hits, the rules are thrown out the window, and it’s time to let your creativity shine through in the shape of a manicure. 

Furthermore, there are no gloves to hide behind, allowing your medium square nails to receive all of the attention they deserve!

2: Neon Medium Square Nails

You can keep your square nails medium and paint them in a bright neon color to make them look edgy and stylish. 

The key to the neon trend is to pick a hue that complements your skin tone when it comes to the neon trend. 

Lime green, electric blue, and yellow are ultra-bright acid hues that will look the best on a dark complexion

You can stick to purple and pink manicures if you have a fairer complexion. 

3: Glittery Medium Square Nails

The glitter element is the most uncomplicated design to liven up your style for summer. 

Apply glitter topcoat over nude nail paint for the most low-maintenance – and time-saving manicure choice. 

Glitter polish can also be used to make one-of-a-kind artwork. 

This summer, use gold or multi-colored glitter on those pretty medium-length square acrylic nails for a colorful touch on this trend. It’s like having a disco in your hands. 

4: Pastel Medium Square Nails

When summer arrives, it’s time to break out the pastel polish! 

There’s an attractive shade for everyone, from mint green to butter yellow, pink, and periwinkle blue

Fresh flowers and ice cream come to mind while looking at these vibrant yet muted tones. Choose a different pastel shade on your medium length square nails, or go all out with your favorite. 

Another popular trend is to make a French tip design using various pastels on a neutral background.

5: Colorblocked Medium Square Nails

Why not attempt this elegant twist on the color block trend for all those gorgeous summer nights out? 

Your medium-length square acrylic nails will look stylish and glamorous if you can design those nails the right way.

Pop colors give a lively element, while natural tones lend an exquisite feel to the design. 

Chevron tips provide an arrow effect that draws the eye downward, making your nail beds and fingers appear longer. This style of design works well with various color schemes.

6: French Tip Medium Square Nails

Are you looking for medium square nail designs? Why not try out the French tips?

The classic French tip style blends a white edge with a nude base on medium square nails. 

This nail art gained popularity in the 1970s, then experienced a resurgence in the early 2000s. 

It has a vintage feel to it. You can apply any bright on the tips instead of white for a trendy summer twist. The original nude basecoat on medium square nails goes well with blue tips.

7: Floral Medium Square Nails

Who doesn’t enjoy floral nail art? 

This ultra-feminine appearance is ideal for the summer months when daisies bloom. 

Use a neutral basecoat in a light tint, as if you were painting on canvas, making the flowers stand out on those square medium acrylic nails. 

You can use decals or stencils if you don’t have the time – or the expertise – to hand-paint flower motifs on each nail. Make a floral feature nail on your ring finger if you don’t want to go over the top.

8: Metallic Dotted Medium Square Nails

Just shape your medium nails square, and add the metallic dotted design.

This look was created for minimal nail-art fans and neophytes because it couldn’t be simpler to achieve, and no professional assistance is required. 

I love a sheer-base manicure because you can’t see any growth. You can use pigmented colors for the polka dots if you want them to pop out.

Just start with a nude base color, and use a thin brush to make the metallic polka dots.

9: Smile Emoticon Medium Square Nails

This medium square nails look was created for cute girls who still like to get in touch with the child inside them.

Gel nails for summer look great with all of your favorite summer clothing, mainly whether you stick to a natural theme or choose a vibrant color palette. 

It will indeed look catchy if you add charming features like a happy face to mix it up with different textures like matte and gloss. 

You can quickly erase your gel color at home if you get tired of it. However, get this manicure done by a professional for the most significant results.

10: Marble Medium Square Nails

If you have medium-length squoval nails, the marble nail art will look perfect on them.

This gorgeous nail style merges two nail trends: subdued hues and embellishments. 

Dip your nail-art brush in acetone to make the polish watery to get the marble effect. Your medium square nails will look super classy and elegant. 

Alternatively, Amazon and Etsy have a plethora of beautiful marble-patterned press-on nails. You can stick them on your nails if you don’t have time to make the nail art.


There you go. We have outlined the best medium square nails designs to try out this year. Get it done by a professional if you feel some of these nail designs are hard to achieve at home.

However, if you want to know more about the upkeep of these square nails, make sure you ping us in the comment section below. We will get back to you in no time.

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