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Top 11 Sunflower Nails Designs

sunflower nails

Your manicures may have changed from dark, gloomy winter hues to vibrant, brilliant flower patterns now that spring has unquestionably arrived. As the weather heats up and floral things start to bloom abundantly, sunflower nails are one of the emerging nail trends that have adorned our Instagram feeds, particularly in our bookmarked posts tabs. So, let’s check out the best of them.

Top 11 Sunflower Nails

You can design your own sunflower nails using the ideas and concepts recommended by nail artists and nail content developers in the list below. 

1: Oil painting sunflower nails

Less can sometimes be more. If you paint your other nails a brilliant and vibrant yellow to match the petals on the two sunflowers, it will look amazing. This is exactly the method nail professionals used when drawing her asymmetrical sunflowers on the ring fingers of each hand.

It makes us want to paint with watercolors on steamy warmer months days, which is exactly what we want to be doing right now. We suggest using glossy, mustard-yellow nail polish to create the oil painting finish.

2: Sunflower nails stickers

If you are thinking of creating nail art on your own fingernails, complex designs, and shaky hands, which are all too usual for those of us who aren’t manicurists, don’t make for the best combination. Thank goodness, stick-on nail art is a different option from painting.

For a faultless result, choose from a variety of flower designs, whether you want to glue one on each digit or just one on an accent nail. We suggest choosing some Artsy Sunflower Stickers if you have your heart set on a certain sunflower design.

3: Burgundy sunflower nails

Not every sunflower nail design needs to be vivid. You might opt for a more somber appearance. Each of these long, coffin-shaped nails is painted a rich, glossy burgundy.

Sunflower designs are also painted on two nails on each hand, and that’s what makes it so edgy. As you can see, despite the sunflowers’ vivid colors, the burgundy has a calming effect on them.

4: Sunflower nails on black

Sunflowers are prized for their beauty and the way their cheerful color enlivens any space in which they are found. The brilliance of the sunflower is distinctive when they are drawn on a black background.

It is ideal for nail art because of its liveliness. The arrival of spring is imminent! Therefore, everything floral—including clothing and nail art—will be fantastic. You should experiment with this black and yellow sunflower nail art. You’ll adore it for sure.

5: Handprinted sunflower nails

According to professional nail artists of the world, these hand-painted sunflower nails never grow old, and we have to agree. The three-dimensional appearance of the design was enhanced by each polishing stroke.

The attention to detail and amount of work put into these sunflower-themed nails using gel polish is clearly visible in this close-up shot. You can’t miss a beat with this set, with the hand-painted yellow leaves and the tiny spots of brown and white decoration.

6: Ombre sunflower nails

Perhaps in addition to liking sunflowers, you also enjoy more daring nail art. If so, this might be the best option for you. Here, four of the matte ombre nails feature a half-sunflower pattern.

As a result, various sunflowers have been positioned around the nail’s edge. The way you wear sunflowers is so great. Create a similar pattern, or just use the sunflower accent nail.

7: Polka dots & sunflower nails

The following set of nails is adorable and very summery. Here, we have chic almond-shaped nails. One nail features black polka dots, one nail is bare with hand-painted sunflowers, and some of the nails are lavender in color.

The combination of nail art and colors is gorgeous! Recreate the entire effect, or decorate all nails with one or two patterns. The following set of nails is adorable and very summery. 

8: Sunflower nails with green leaves

We adore how New York City-based nail artist Kesang Gurung included a straightforward green leaf or two on each sunflower, making the nails that much more realistic. With all the effort and care focused on the bright and cheery yellow petals, this addition was a lovely touch.

You can’t go wrong with this amazing yellowish-green nail paint if you’re looking for a leaf-like manicure color. Using a dotting tool and a thin nail brush, imitate this leafy design.

9: Glittery sunflower nails

You must check out the following manicure if you enjoy dazzling nail art. Several of the nails in this ensemble are matte yellow, others are glittering black, and one is black with a vivid sunflower.

The combination of the colors, textures, and artwork is very lovely. This is a glamorous and adorable design that would also look fantastic on longer nails. The stiletto nail design would be an ideal fit for pulling off this design.

10: Matte sunflower nails

Regarding burgundy, here is another adorable nail art that works well with long coffin nails. While some are matte burgundy, some of the nails are mustard yellow with sparkling rhinestones.

Additionally, each hand has a dark yellow sunflower accent nail. It has a chic and lovely design. The flowers can be hand-painted or covered in stickers. Additionally, Burgundy is not the only color option to create the matte design. You can go with any other hues you like (lighter or darker).

11: Striped sunflower nails

The next concept is very adorable! This manicure consists of naked nails with subtle white stripes. Bright sunflowers are also painted on two of the nails. It is such a chic and practical concept.

The stripes can be painted by hand, with nail tape, or with a stencil. Online retailers sell sunflower nail stickers similar to these, so you may make your own version of this design.


Everyone can benefit from the trend, from nail-art enthusiasts with the patience and steady hand to paint sunflower designs exactly to your liking to those searching for a simple, stick-and-go suggestion.

These nail-art ideas will undoubtedly attract attention time and time again, whether you prefer abstract designs, basic nail art, or exquisite details that look like sunflowers emerging from the nailbed.

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