Short Acrylic Nails

Who said acrylic nails only need to be long?

In fact, they don’t. Short acrylic nails are as bold and competent to make a statement as long ones.

Acrylic nails are the epitome of splendor in the beauty industry, and anybody with eyes can see that. 

If you’re interested in acrylics but haven’t tried them before, it’s reasonable to have some worries regarding the cosmetic treatment. After reading our answers to all of your questions regarding the unique manicure below, decide if short acrylic nails are perfect for you. 

What Are Acrylic Nails?

Acrylic nails are nail extensions created by blending a powdered acrylic item with a liquid acrylic solution. The two components are known as polymer, and monomer respectively. 

You can combine them to produce a softball that can be formed into the shape of a nail. 

When a manicurist applies this acrylic on someone’s nails, it hardens and becomes firm. Then they may polish it and file it according to the customer’s specifications.

However, you might be shocked to find that the trendy short acrylic nails we know today were invented in 1934 by a dentist called Maxwell Lappe. He created these prosthetic nails to assist nail-biters in quitting their habit. 

Who’d have known they’d make such a significant fashion statement in the decades since?

Let’s find out the best short acrylic nails here.

Best Short Acrylic Nails Ideas

Before we dive into the list of the best short acrylic nails ideas, let us tell you that this prosthetic nail treatment is not at all harmful. Therefore, you may now enjoy the list of these trendy short acrylic nails and choose one before your next party.

1: Ombre Short Acrylic Nails

Ombre Short Acrylic Nails

We know the dilemma when you can’t decide between your two favorite colors to paint your nails.

Don’t worry. You can always choose a unique ombre design on your short acrylic nails. Besides, you can also consider coffin nails designs to enhance your look. 

Not only will they make cute trendy short acrylic nails, but also they will add a new color scheme to match your dress.

Thus, you can treat your nails like the chic accessory you have always longed for.

2: Artistic Short Acrylic Nails

Artistic Short Acrylic Nails

Just because you are going for acrylic nails short doesn’t mean you can’t decorate them however you want.

In fact, you can add any popping color and paint some modern stripes with them on your nails to make the nails look abstract such as rose nails

It doesn’t have to mean anything. Just go with the flow, and let your inner artist paint the short acrylic nails for you.

3: Bedazzled Short Acrylic Nails

Bedazzled Short Acrylic Nails

Short simple acrylic nails may look elegant, but what’s the fun in elegance if you can’t make a statement with it, right?

This is why the bedazzled short acrylic nails are here to glam up your night. 

Just add some rhinestones or glitter to the mixture of colors, and let the new acrylic nails speak for you. 

Be as creative as you want, but don’t overdo the jewelry. 

4: Rounded Nude Short Acrylic Nails

Rounded Nude Short Acrylic Nails

Did you know that short acrylic can look pretty graceful if you apply nude coating on them?

We bet you didn’t, right?

Just shape your acrylic corners in a rounded manner, and apply a nude color on them. 

Leave them to dry, and match them with a color-coordinated outfit so that your dress and your nails look the exact opposite. 

5: Floral Short Acrylic Nails

Floral Short Acrylic Nails

Acrylic small nails look cute, but you know what will make them look even cuter?

Just add some floral detailing to them.

YES!!! Just add some DIY floral designs on the short acrylic nails, and be all set to woo your girl gang for the next pajama party. 

6: Pastel Short Acrylic Nails

Pastel Short Acrylic Nails

The list of short simple acrylic nails can’t be over if we don’t include the pastel color coating on the list.

Well, you heard us right.

Since the rainbow nail art is not going down anytime soon, why don’t you use lighter shades and give your short acrylics a pastel vibe?

Don’t forget to tell us how it looks once you are done.

7: Constellation Short Acrylic Nails

Constellation Short Acrylic Nails

We know that we are being oddly specific, but there are plenty of constellation designs for short acrylic nails that you can get an idea of.

Since we love constellation tattoos and constellation piercings so much, why not give constellation nail art a chance?

If you can’t pull off this design, don’t hesitate to call a professional.

Once it’s done, we bet you can get the vibe of starry nights from it.

8: French Tip Oval Short Acrylic Nails

French Tip Oval Short Acrylic Nails

YES!!! French tips are still making the list of cute trendy short acrylic nails. In fact, you can give it a new spunk if you apply different colors to each nail.

Sounds interesting, right?

We know. But, use popping colors like red, blue, neon, yellow, and orange for the tips since you have only the tips to make a statement.

9: Monotone Short Acrylic Nails

Monotone Short Acrylic Nails

Teens may not like these acrylic small nails much, but we know career women will appreciate this idea.

You have to use different shades of one color and apply them to all the nails.

Selecting the shades will become a tedious task, but once you are done, your short acrylic nails will look perfect for your next conference.

10: Swirly Short Acrylic Nails

Swirly Short Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails short are not at all dull. In fact, you can add some colorful swirly lines to them to make them look stylish and funky.

Sounds fun?

Why not try them right now?

Just add a nude color as the base, and make the swirls with some bold hues to make it stand out. 


1: How Much Do Short Acrylic Nails Cost?

Ans: Acrylic nail prices vary significantly across nail professionals. The average price for a medium acrylic manicure in a professional salon varies between $30 and $45 for a basic set. For demanding hues such as pink or white, the price might rise to $55 or $60.

2: Do Acrylics Hurt?

Ans: The experience is natural for people receiving acrylic treatment for the first time or those who do not receive acrylic treatment regularly. Unless your natural nail is torn or destroyed, the discomfort should go away on its own within 24 hours.

3: Do Acrylics Ruin Your Nails Forever? 

Ans: Acrylics should not damage your nails. However, improper application or any sort of nail augmentation can severely damage nails. Acrylic nails should not cause any significant harm when correctly done by a qualified technician, with the necessary aftercare guidance.

Final Note

We are all set with the most stylish short acrylic nail designs. So, if you liked these nail designs, hop on the trend, and apply them right now.

If you want to know how to get these nails done, you may check in with a professional.

For further queries, you can ping us in the comment box below.

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