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In addition to being stylish, we believe that swirl nails are popular because they are so adjustable and versatile. That is to say: challenging yourself to get wrong.

If you’re trying things out for yourself at home, it lessens the strain. However, if you’d prefer to use a professional, we have lots of suggestions as well as advice from nail technicians on how to apply them or what to request from your manicurist.

Top 10 Swirl Nail Designs

The trendiest nail art style right now is abstract swirl designs, which have completely taken over the industry. Manis with twists, turns, spirals, and bends are becoming increasingly common on social media and in real life. They are true works of wearable art.

1: Animal print swirls

On staff editor Jihan Forbes, Miles inflicted what she refers to as Intellectual Swirl Nail Designs. The various animal prints (tortoise, leopard, and giraffe) elevate it and give the impression that the wearer is a well-travelled and incredibly stylish professor.

We frequently view animal designs as neutrals at this point in both fashion and nail art and combining many just ups the feel. In my perspective, combining the hue du jour with the pattern combination is the height of the fashion zeitgeist.

2: Daisy swirls

With their combination of flowers and swirl nail designs, these retro nails are another homage to the ’70s. You could pair brilliant, summery hues like pink and bright orange with autumnal hues like burnt orange and mustard yellow to symbolise the changing of the seasons.

We advise using gel polish if you want to recreate this look at home. Any errors you make can be readily removed with gel, saving you the time and effort of starting over. Another suggestion is to use a thin, long brush to make accurate strokes with only one simple move. When painting the daisies, a dotting tool is essential.

3: Neon and black swirls

These swirl nail designs appear to glow because of how the neon contrasts with the black and white, which they do under neon lighting.

Use the lightest colour—in this case, white—as the basis if you’re trying this look at home. Next, use a medium-length brush, such as the Brillbird 0 Brush, to add some thick waves in the colour of your choice. Last but not least, draw a tidy black outline around the swirls.

4: Beetlejuice swirls

Anna Miles, a nail artist in New York City, produced this Beetlejuice-inspired set. Only black and white wavy stripes are present in these swirl nail designs, although they are extremely numerous. The combination of gentle waves and sharper turns is a little shocking as if the psychedelic waves turned punk.

You should concentrate on highlighting the organic contours of your nail. We would concentrate on framing the swirls around the nail rather than necessarily painting them down the centre of a shorter nail to avoid giving the impression that the nail is shorter.

5: Pastel swirls

These lemon custard nails are an instant mood lifter, regardless of the season. So, if you want your swirl nail designs to be a little more aesthetic, you could try these. 

Choose vivid or contrasting hues when you’re in the salon. If that’s the appearance you’re going for, for instance, you want to make sure the lines and art stand out from the background colour. To add small abstract lines over the top near the splash of colour, request that between a third and half of your nail be painted with one contrasting colour.

6: Polka dotted swirls

This manicure has a lot going on with the swirls and polka dots. We think it gives off an excessive, extremely ’80s vibe, but we’re savouring every last bit of it. You’ll need to be exact if you want to replicate these swirl nail designs.

For best results when using gel, use a dehumidifier and a primer first. Apply your chosen colours to the nail after that. With a liner brush, create your swirls next, and then add as many dots as you wish with a dotting tool. Swipe a topcoat on to complete.

7: Negative space swirls

The reverse of the customary sheer base and flash of colour is a negative space design. It draws inspiration from autumnal hues like orange and olive. So, for some unique swirl nail designs, try them out.

In order to construct the swirling form and give me a reference for where the negative space will be, we first painted a thin line with a striping brush. Then we continued and painted the remaining areas.

8: Purple swirls

Purple may not rhyme with anything, but it doesn’t have to when it looks this amazing. We adore these twisted hues of periwinkle, lilac, and violet. Consider a Vow to be the primer.

With dark purple hues and a touch of shine, it has a playful and spooky vibe. Requesting abstract swirls with a minimum of three distinct colours is something we’d advise. It looks more unified when you stick to a similar colour family, and the different tints provide additional intrigue.

9: Green and white swirls

The green swirls of this combination provide a really soothing effect. it’s such an undervalued colour and we believe people are really appreciating pushing outside their regular colour selections.

We started with a milky white base which we believe really pulls out the green and then used two different greens and a liner brush to create the swirls. So, these swirl nail designs exude a calming, zen effect. 

10: Psychedelic swirls

Use slow-drying polishes instead if you’re trying this at home because you won’t be able to move the paint. The swirl should first be sketched out in outline form, and then it should be polished. 

To give it greater dimension, it is best to have thick and thin portions. Before applying a topcoat, let your nails completely dry to prevent colour bleeding, and you’ll get the swirl nail designs that’ll seriously make you trippy.


People who want to attain this style but are unsure of where to begin may find it intimidating to go for swirl nail designs. We advise giving your nail technician a few examples of the swirl designs you enjoy in the form of inspiration pictures like the ones provided here.

A colour scheme is usually helpful to have in mind. The colours don’t have to match exactly, but the first step is to have a general notion of the shades you want to use. Your technician can assist you to choose them and, if necessary, mix those tones with complementing colors.

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