Heart Nails Designs

Valentine’s Day celebrations may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but everyone can agree on the holiday’s nail art. An at-home manicure is the brief act of self-care that all of us need. In addition, there are many adorable, artistic designs available in a range of skill levels, so anyone can participate. 

We’ve put up a selection of the most gorgeous heart nails designs that look great on acrylic nails, gel nails, and all other nail shapes to assist you in making your choice. Long coffin nails and short, natural forms are both alternatives. 

Wearing heart-shaped nails is enjoyable, and they add a carefree, joyful vibe to your complete ensemble. This nail art isn’t serious at all, and simply one tiny heart decal placed on top of a nail gives your fingertips a stunningly feminine appearance.

Top 11 Heart Nails Designs

Try heart nails design if you want something adorable and excessively feminine because you’re almost done with all the other nail art. Decal, sticker, polish, rhinestone, glitter, or even chrome details can be used to achieve them.

1: Heart french tips

You don’t want anything mushy, and we understand that. Instead of using a straightforward heart nails design, stay with a pretty pink ombre.

Change your traditional Frenchies with ones with a heart design for the most enchanting fingertips ever. Heart elements are creatively incorporated throughout the tips in a pale pink color, which exudes nothing but a soothing vibe.

2: Love logo

Reds and pinks aren’t the only colors you can use to paint heart nail designs. Selecting your favorite colors will help you express your uniqueness. This is blatantly romantic for when you truly want to go all out.

This cute and understated reference to Valentine’s Day is best achieved by using accents on one finger. Although it’s not the simplest design, to begin with, if you’re handy with a paintbrush, it’s a charming and understated gesture to Valentine’s Day.

3: Love note

This heart nails design delicately conveys the idea using love notes on the nails and we love the glitter accents. This is straightforward and minimal.

On top of this plain foundation, the small heart embellishments are really delicate. Simply add a contrasting heart design on top if you prefer to go with blue and black as your manicure base colors.

4: Queen of hearts

With this exquisite design inspired by the Queen of Hearts, you can play your hand in romantic situations. Don’t need to make the design on all the nails. You can paint it on one nail or on alternates.

For those of us who are more skilled, try writing the letters by hand although the inexperienced may want to invest in a cheeky nail sticker.

5: Confetti hearts

We adore how the traditional Valentine’s Day hearts are mixed with unusual color schemes, cutout accents, and a matte surface. This is the ultimate self-love manicure, which displays everything you cherish on each finger.

This traditional ballerina pink manicure is combined with one striking confetti design. Exclamation points in the shape of hearts on your nails are much cuter than in text. To keep it contemporary, try painting a deep oxblood color over a plain base.

6: Glittery heart

For a fun manicure, sporadically add glitter accent nails. It’s more unexpected if your hands aren’t symmetrical, so don’t bother about making them that way.

In addition to being a sweet manicure design, adding a thin line of rose gold nail paint will lengthen your nails even more. If you’re still working from the sofa, a sparkling heart on your nails is preferable to one at your workstation or coffee table.

If you can paint, try doing it yourself. Not to mention that you can let it grow for weeks without anyone noticing.

7: Accent nails

The simplest way to create heart nails designs at home is with manicure stickers. This pink and white ring on one finger is the cutest thing ever.

When you want to embrace Valentine’s aesthetic wholeheartedly, go all out with baby pink glitter, cut-out hearts, and a coordinating fuzzy sweater. If you want to go all out of the bling, add crystals. This will make the color pale pink feel less basic.

8: Love with messages

Want to avoid wearing heart-themed nails after February 14th? Apply a sticker to fancy up your manicure, then remove it to switch up the style. Black and bright pink are a striking color combination for this heart nails design.

Consider choosing one nail on each hand for a simple heart design and applying the color combination at the tip of the nail. If you’re feeling a little mischievous, you can draw small phrases on the tips of your nails. 

9: Graffiti love

Want to rapidly chill down a heart manicure? Create it as graffiti. Not all heart nails designs need to be adorable. Consider applying a matte top lacquer to this graffiti-inspired manicure for a novel take on Valentine’s Day nails.

Red and purple combinations are frequently frowned upon, yet when done well, they look amazing. It is pleasant without being excessively sweet when pastel pinks and purples are combined. Additionally, rainbow colors are still popular this year.

10: Neon hearts

Choose an unconventional heart nails design with airbrushed hearts and barbed wire for something less feminine. This design was influenced by vintage tattoos.

By adding delicate heart stickers, you may bring popular nail colors, including neons, back for Valentine’s Day. Even if you don’t have a heart of stone, you can wear a crystalline heart to proudly show off a heart on your nails.

11: Negative space hearts

Doing the exact opposite of a heart-shaped sticker seems too predictable. On a bare nail, place a heart sticker before applying two layers of polish. Peel off the sticker when it has dried to reveal this fascinating negative-space effect.

The effect is enhanced by a gradient background like the several hues of blue seen above. Dark mauve and caramel give a subtle tribute to this event so you can try them too.


The heart has always been drawn to beautiful appearances and the representation of love. Every lady adores this heart-shaped pendant and dresses it up with accessories like clothing, hats, bags, shoes, or even fingernails.

The heart-shaped nail art can be worn at any time when you’re feeling joyful, not just on romantic Valentine’s Day. So check them out and show them off before next February.

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