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People tend to decorate their nails in any way they can. Sometimes they change their shapes and sometimes they change their manicure. If you are into nail designing at all, you’ll know that coffin nails are pretty popular among women of all age groups.

People love these designs because they are easy to manage and easy to decorate. Talking about decorating those coffin nails, the most obvious color choice is red. Yes!!! Red coffin nails are standard manicure options for many girls out there because they look good with any outfit possible. Keep scrolling down this post to find out more about coffin red nail designs.

Top 10 Coffin Red Nail Designs

You may get all sorts of red coffin nail designs in the market and to nail professionals but our designs are unique, yet bold. So, have a look at them right here: 

1: Sparkling coffin red nail designs

First of all, we’d like to talk about the most popular red coffin nails of all time, which is the sparkling one. No, don’t get us wrong. We are not necessarily talking about painting your coffin nails with glitter nail polish.

You can obviously do that, but that may look over the top on some occasions. So, paint your nails the usual red and attach some rhinestones on top of them to make them stand out in the crowd. It is one of the best designs on our list.

2: French tips coffin red nail designs

Okay, French tips don’t always have to be white or nude colors. You can also adorn your coffin nails with red French tips and add some twist to the monotony.

We know what you are thinking. French tips are supposed to go with elegant dresses, so won’t red make it over the top? Of course not. Modern ladies like to make a statement on any occasion they attend and red French tips will simply help them accomplish that objective in no time.

3: Hearts coffin red nail designs

If you are looking for red coffin nails designs because of the impending Valentine’s Day celebrations, there’s no better way to show your love than to paint some cute hearts in it. No, you don’t necessarily have to paint hearts on all the nails. You can simply make the design in one of the accent nails and paint the other nails red or any other color you want.

Your shaky hands may not support your dream of wearing your heart on your nails, which is why nail stickers can also come to your rescue.

4: Cherry coffin red nail designs

Polka dots were almost everyone’s favourites once upon a time but it’s time to upgrade that design a bit on your red coffin nails. If you are so good at drawing polka dots, why not upgrade them to little cherries?

Yes, start with a base coat on all of your nails, and draw those polka dots because they are easy AF. Now, to make them look like actual cherries, grab a thin eyeliner brush and draw the green part on top of those cherries, and your design is complete.

5: Plaid coffin red nail designs

Do you remember how popular the plaid outfit was when the ‘Clueless’ movie first came out? Of course, you do. Why not take that plaid inspiration and paint them on your red coffin nails? That’s a great idea, right?

Painting red plaid designs on your nails can be tricky, which is why we suggest you go to a nail professional and let them handle the tough part. If you want there are press-on and nail stickers available too, which can complete this nail art.

6: Tropical coffin red nail designs

We have finally decided to break the conventions and go for a tropical design for those red coffin nails. Again, we don’t suggest that you paint the tropical theme on all the nails because that may look cluttered.

We have thought of painting all the nails with glossy red polish and adding a bit of a golden touch to one of the nails. Paint a leafy strand on one of the nails golden and see how beautiful that looks!

7: Floral coffin red nail designs

Floral red coffin nails can never go out of fashion. All you have to do is paint your nails with a nude coat and add some red flower stickers on top. If you are bold enough, you can also decide to draw the flowers yourself or visit a nail salon for this amazing nail makeover.

Now, this manicure will look perfect in summer because floral and summer’s heat waves blend well together. So, don these beautiful nails with those gorgeous summer outfits before the time runs out.

8: Ombre coffin red nail designs

The red and burgundy ombre design looks classy, elegant, and sexy at the same time. It is possible to paint these red coffin nails at home but it looks so precious that you can’t afford to spoil this manicure.

Therefore, if you are not confident enough to draw this style, you can always go to a professional to get this design done. Ombre looks beautiful with any possible color combination but the one with red and burgundy is simply out of the world.

9: Starry coffin red nail designs

Stars on fingernails are not new, but instead of painting stars on the whole nail, we can do something else. Just think of the flag of the USA, because these red coffin nails are inspired by that. You can paint one star in white on the red nails.

They can be positioned asymmetrically because Marilyn Monroe said that imperfection is beauty and we stand by that. Star stickers can also be used for this design.

10: Striped coffin red nail designs

The final red coffin nails of this list are simple yet effective for any party possible. They are red and white striped designs that look good on women of all age groups.

You can change the alternate color from white to black, pink, green, or anything else because there are so many colors that go well with red stripes. The best part of this nail design is that you don’t even have to go to a nail salon for this. You can do it all by yourself.

Paint it Red!

There you go. The best red coffin nails designs of 2022 are trending right here on this list. So, what you can do is take your inspiration and copy one of these designs on those beautiful nails of yours. The moment you draw them, any dull outfit of yours would also look attractive and catchy.

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